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Guided by a bohemian spontaneity, a free and timeless spirit,

Bo & Luca create high end wedding garments and fine accessories that epitomise slow luxury. 

Bo & Luca goes beyond mere material, it translates art and beauty into the tangible medium of fabric, using artisan skills and ancient craftsmanship steeped in the world of bridal couture.  Influenced by the romance of bohemia, their signature slow luxury aesthetic is grounded in traditional artisan techniques, uncomplicated styling and easy elegance. 

Bo & Luca stems away from the stereotyped bridal shapes and chooses designs that highlight the beauty of women whilst still retaining the essential bridal classicism. Bo & Luca allows women to express a self-assured elegance, allure and fun on their wedding day and will continue to grow, inspire and offer unique and ground breaking designs to their brides. 



Hand beaded in a quiet Atelier in India

Bo&Luca couture gowns are made and hand beaded in our quiet Atelier in India. Using an Indian technique known as Tambour, each bead is carefully hand-sewn onto the finest silk by local master craftsmen and women over a three to six month process. Tambour was first introduced to the Western world in 18th century France, where it was named after the french word for drum. Its origins are believed to be from 16th century Gujarat, India, as a technique used for beading luxurious designs onto fine fabrics. After the Tambour process , the gowns are then delicately hand-dyed in loose-leaf White Tea. The entire process celebrates the feminine and carefree romanticism which only delicate hand beading, embroidery and hand dyeing can emulate. Bo & Luca encourages handmade creations and work to honour and protect the craft of Tambour in every collection and piece. Incorporating this age-old technique into each design produces a finer, more intricate and higher quality result than machine beading, which is a more favoured method in modern garment manufacturing.

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