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Chaos & Harmony

Vi har lenge vært på jakt etter et skomerke som både er elegante og superkomfortable å ha på seg og nå har vi endelig funnet de!

Chaos & Harmony, et skomerke fra New Zealand som er opptatt av bærekraft og at skoene deres skal være unike og fantastiske å ha på seg! Vi har startet med et lite utvalg for å teste, men har fortått ganske fort at vi skal ta inn flere størrelser og modeller. Du kan se alle modellene vi har inne nå HER 

Vi har ikke alle størrelser inne, så ta kontakt med oss om du lurer på om vi har din størrelse. 



Over 10 years ago Chaos & Harmony’s creative director Rebecca Anderson and her husband sold everything they owned, including their house, and moved to Italy so Rebecca could learn to design shoes at the Instituo Europeo di Design in Rome. She was taught by tutors who’d worked at Valentino and Fendi, among others, and learned how to infuse her lifelong love of texture, materials and leathers into comfortable, high-quality, hand-made shoes.


Twelve months later they returned to Mount Maunganui, New Zealand and created Chaos & Harmony - a market-leading, boutique shoe company. Rebecca wanted a name that would inspire creativity, growth and challenges, but also describe the brand’s aesthetic. The name Chaos & Harmony reflects our love of textures to create depth – it brings about a curious contradiction. It also subtly sums up a woman’s world! As a company, we’re all about efficiency and focus on clear communication, leadership and fresh ideas.


When we design shoes at Chaos & Harmony, we like each pair to be standalone – to have something distinct about them that makes people say ‘Where did you get those shoes?’. Our shoes are conversation-starters because we pay attention to every detail. We believe style is a powerful tool of self-expression. Chaos & Harmony shoes should make you feel good – our shoes are designed to enhance your style.

All our shoes are proudly made in China, we have worked with our factory for over seven years. Our shoes are handmade and must meet our design and quality benchmarks, using products that are forgiving on your feet through factories with ethical practices.

Chaos & Harmony
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