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LOLA VARMA is minimal bridal wear designed by Courtney Illfield. As a fashion and wedding photographer first, Courtney found that many women didn’t connect with the common sweep of garments, the traditional details, the dated silhouettes. For these individuals—edgy, unbound by convention—she designed a collection of unconventional bridal wear.

Marrying high fashion and everyday apparel, the separates and gowns aim to mirror the air of our era, the desires of the modern woman. Minimal and elegant, the garments honour a subtle beauty. The ivory shades of a sun-stroked plain, the sheer drapes that ripple with a warm draft, the contours of a woman’s form.

The garments encourage a woman to uncover who she is, instead of cover. Easy going and quietly confident, the Lola Varma woman is grounded in the essentials, not caught up in the immaterial. With an effortless presence she embraces her womanhood. She makes the dress her own.

Lola Varma



Lola Varma is hand made and masterfully cut every garment to order in Perth, using different weights, washes and tones of silk layered with fine wools and cotton. The materials are fluid and comfortable in character, allowing the dress to naturally flow with your body and grace it

Right now the delivery time is minimum 6 months!

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